Pernyataan Juri

Filem yang mendapat penghargaan ini dipandang dapat mewakili pernyataan ARKIPEL akan nilai-nilai yang ditawarkan oleh dunia artistik terhadap gambaran dunia yang disatu sisi telah sama-sama [...]

Malam Penghargaan

We choose “Electoral Risk” as strategy to initiate and break down a number of possibilities that are closely related with the actual situation and social environment surrounding this event.

Tender Feet

An epic in miniature, this road movie shot near the end of the Mayan calendar, in December 2012, depicts vast landscapes, charred forests, barking dogs, television lightning, radio broadcasts of [...]

The House of Olga

In the verdant ruins of Panama City’s Casco Antiguo neighbourhood, Olga has created her al fresco abode. Better than the palaces or duplexes in Spain, for Olga, her garden home is the best place [...]

Creme 21

Assembled from moving images procured from a variety of 16mm educational science films, Creme 21 reflects on time and how it is perceived.