In ARKIPEL 2013, Film, International Competition

Country of Production: The Netherlands
Language: Spanish
Subtitles: English
9 min, Color, 2013

International Competition 10


Karya-karya Linda Bannink selalu membicarakan persoalan urban. A City Through Different Spaces tak terkecuali. Filem ini mengajak kita melihat interaksi sutradara dengan ruang-ruang kota di México City melalui orang-orang yang tiba-tiba hadir ‘tanpa sejarah’ di tengah-tengah kota.

Filem ini memiliki latar persoalan yang sangat mirip dengan kota-kota di negara-negara Asia, seperti Indonesia. Urbanisasi telah melahirkan berbagai macam persoalan sosial, bahkan mentalitas warga.

-Mahardika Yudha

The works of Linda Bannink are unified by its exploration on urban issues. A City Through Different Spaces is no exception. The film invites us to roam the urban spaces of Mexico City through the eyes of the anonymous masses that dwells the downtown area.

This film paints a catalogue of societal problems brought about by rampant urbanization; among them is physical and psychological dissonance of the people to things around them. Similar situation could also be found in many Asian cities.

-Mahardika Yudha

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