The Implicit Colonialism

I remembered the colonization occurred to the local beliefs, which were forced to follow the six main religions in Indonesia. In fact, recently, there was an action of the Sunda Wiwitan followers [...]

Huyung, Tragedy, and Hope

Kimi to Boku literally means ‘you and me’. I believe that the title of this film actually represents Dr. Huyung’s hope, deep down in his heart. The words ‘you and me’ can be used both in the [...]

Seeking for The Lost Image

One of the works of the pioneering director in establishing the identity of the Indonesian national film that I will watch on the first day was entitled "Anak Perawan di Sarang Penyamun" (Virgin [...]

ARKIPEL Penal Colony

How are then speculations over the findings that require cinematic mapping finally able to change the ways we gaze this world, which has been convicted as the era of a screen?

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