Cinema as a Medium of Resistance

This curatorial program tries to invite us to be more critical to observe the septum of penal colony. Apparatus of penal colony always lives around us, forcing us to accept their logic, and causes us to be docile. It is an obligation for each enlightened individuals to resist any form of power [...]

Notes on Forum Festival, Panel V

This closing panel took on theme relevant to the situation of the activity on watching cinema in this millennial era. Film, which is identically known mediated through the screen, has evolved significantly as technology evolves, especially with the presence of internet. This panel focuses on [...]

Notes on Forum Festival, Panel I

The progress of media technology today affects all aspects of life, including the habitus of moving images. The easiness in accessing information becomes the early sign of change in the old 'rules of the game' in the production, reproduction, and distribution of moving images.

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