august, 2017

saturday26august19:00- 23:59Awarding Night of the FestivalARKIPEL Penal Colony - 5th International Documentary and Experimental Film Festival19:00 - 23:59 UTC+7 GoetheHausFestival Program:Ceremony



Indische Party will enliven the awarding night of ARKIPEL Penal Colony – 5th International Documentary and Experimental Film Festival.

“A 60’s Rhythm ‘n Blues nuanced band that has successfully made it into the shortlist of local bands with soulful character. Their music is like a wake-up call for the youth of today to leave their computer screens or look up rather than down to communicate through smartphones; and to dance, make love, play, and be alive under the sun.” – Ruangrupa.

Indische Party selected as the winner of Converse Rubber Tracks 2015 and recorded two songs at the legendary Abbey Road Studios in London, England.

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Indische Party akan memeriahkan Malam Penghargaan ARKIPEL Penal Colony – 5th International Documentary and Experimental Film Festival.

“Band bernuansa 60’s Rhythm ‘n Blues yang berhasil masuk dalam daftar band lokal dengan karakter penuh perasaan. Musik mereka bagaikan pembangkit semangat para pemuda hari ini agar meninggalkan layar komputer mereka atau memandang ke atas daripada ke bawah memandangi smartphone; Menari, bercinta, bermain, dan hidup di bawah sinar matahari. “- Ruangrupa.

Indische Party terpilih sebagai pemenang Converse Rubber Tracks 2015 dan merekam dua lagu di Studio Abbey Road legendaris di London, Inggris.

[Image of Indische Party, copyright by Arya Rinaldo]



ARKIPEL Award is given to the best film in general that, based on jury’s view, has the highest artistic achievement and a potential power to give meanings to its contextual perspective choice. By the content, all those aspects through the film’s visual expression should be successful in offering a newest representation of our contemporary world view as a challenging discourse for the general view over a certain situation revealed by the subject matter. The best film in this category particularly can be considered as representing ARKIPEL’s statement concerning the values offered by the passion and reason of a spirit of the time, becoming an inspiration for aesthetic creations about the world that on the one hand is approved of and on the other hand demands definition and re-definition.

The Jury Award is given to the best film of jury’s choice based on the consideration in terms of unique and fresh visual expression, personal maturity in revealing and communicating aesthetic experience, struggle over content and subjective exploration over text/context to its contemporary representation. It is highly likely that the best film in this category offers values of individual nature because the issue and its approach do not fit in many socio-cultural contexts.

Peransi Award is given to a cinematic work that in a special and fresh way experiments on various possible approaches of the medium and social aspects. Specifically, this category focuses on young filmmakers. The award itself is inspired by David Albert Peransi (1939-1993), an artist, critic, teacher and exponent of modernity in art world and documentary and experimental cinema in Indonesia.

Forum Lenteng Award, as a category for the best film selected by Forum Lenteng, reflect our reading position or critical attitude toward the development of cinematic visual works at an aesthetic and contextual level. The award for this category is given to the film deemed the most open in offering communicative values, whether based on the artistry and content, providing a chance for a different social approach on art and wider experimental possibilities. A number of jury (three) from Forum Lenteng organizational structure judge the films selected and submit the best nominee for this category for the ARKIPEL Jury to argue.


At the Awarding Night, ARKIPEL will show the ARKIPEL Award Winner Film.

Post-ceremony party & music by Klub Karya Bulu Tangkis


(Saturday) 19:00 - 23:59 UTC+7



Sam Ratulangi 9-15, Jakarta - 10350

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