august, 2017

tuesday22august16:00- 17:30Special Presentation 03 - Program IAfrika, Africa, Afrique…! – The Cinema of Jean-Marie Teno16:00 - 17:30 UTC+7 kineforumFestival Program:Special Presentation



Curated by
Hafiz Rancajale

Total Duration
Program 1 : 88 minutes
Program 2 : 92 minutes

Program 1 : Kineforum – TIM / 22 August 2017, 16.00
Program 2 : Goethehaus – Jakarta / 25 August 2017, 16.30

Film List

Afrique, Je Te Plumerai / Africa, I Will Fleece You (Cameroon, 1992, 88 minutes)

Sebuah esai sejarah Kamerun tentang konsekuensi dari perubahan, bagaimana masyarakat mengelolanya, di saat penindasan sudah menjadi warisan yang tak pernah bisa dilepaskan pasca-kemerdekaan. Filem ini menghadirkan kompleksitas pasca-kolonial di Afrika. Melalui lelucon nostalgik sang sutradara yang mencintai sinema dari pengalaman menonton melodrama India, dokumenter, rekaman sejarah, dan esai politik. Teno menciptakan puisi visual yang melankolis; penjajah dan yang dijajah sama-sama dihadapkan. Filem ini menghadirkan bentuk baru dalam sinema Afrika, yang menghilangkan jarak antara fiksi, dokumenter, dan eksperimentasi-eksperimentasi visual dan suara.

An essay of Cameroonian history about the consequences of change, how society manages it, when oppression is a legacy that can never be released after independence. This film presents a post-colonial complexity in Africa. Through the nostalgic jokes of the director who loves the cinema from the experience of watching Indian melodrama, documentaries, historical recordings, and political essays. Teno creates melancholy visual poetry; colonizers and the colonized are both confronted. This film presents a new form in African cinema, which eliminates the distance between fiction, documentary, as well as visual and sound experimentation.


(Tuesday) 16:00 - 17:30 UTC+7



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