ARKIPEL: social/kapital Prize Winners

ARKIPEL Award is given to Zone Zero (2015) by Farzad Moloudi from Belgium. Jury Award is given to Trêve (2016) by Myriam El Hajj from Lebanon. Peransi Award is given to Kodachrome (2013) by the [...]


Notes on Curatorial of “Looking at Costa Cinematic Realism”

Zikri said that three films in this curatorial program are connected because of the production method chosen by Costa. He tried to stay in Fontainhas, recording all three with DV cameras without [...]


After Nation: A Memoria Passionis in Cinema

Indeed when I watched this film I did get the impression of memoria passionis or collective memory about the suffering. The nation building process of Philippines in the era of Spanish [...]


On “A Trial by Cinema” Screening Program

With 442 minutes in total, Hitler: A Film from Germany was one of the longest films that Kineforum ever screened. Directed by Hans-Jurgen Syberber, this film was produced in Western German, [...]


Film Your Life! – Making Celluloid Film in the Midst of Digital Explosion

The fact that everyone has camera in their pocket and able to make film is very remarkable things, moreover in the videos they made is unique and artistic. But the condition will be very [...]


From “Corrosive” to “Angst”

Monday afternoon, August 22nd 2016, I attended two programs of International Competition in ARKIPEL, in a row. First screening was started at 1 pm, and the second one was at 4 to 6 pm. I also [...]


Notes on “Garbage and Leftover People”

Anthropocene itself is a term used many times by the curator and is actually a relatively new term and not quite popular yet. Anthropocene refers to the change of conditions and situations that [...]


Notes on “Imagery and imagination — uneasy trip to China”

Forty people who attended this program almost fill the entire seats of Kineforum. The audience laughter can be heard several times in the scenes where humor was encountered. In the discussion [...]


Notes on “Voices: Alternative Nepali Cinema”

The story of Nepal as well as the struggle of this developing country and the challenge is disclosed in Asian Young Curator program titled Voices: Alternative Nepali Cinema. The program is [...]


Empathy from the Films in the Curatorial of “Beyond”

Then, satisfaction was the reaction I got from watching World Cup. This film was nothing but slow, 108 minutes felt like a 30-minute film, thanks to its playful narration. Some shots were [...]

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