ARKIPEL Penal Colony – Festival Forum 2017

Pada penyelenggaraan tahun ini, dengan tema besar “Penal Colony”, ARKIPEL – Jakarta International Documentary and Experimental Film Festival 2017 membuka kesempatan bagi seluruh pegiat kebudayaan di Indonesia yang berasal dari berbagai disiplin untuk berpartisipasi menyajikan pandangan atau [...]

ARKIPEL Penal Colony

How are then speculations over the findings that require cinematic mapping finally able to change the ways we gaze this world, which has been convicted as the era of a screen?

Pembukaan Pendaftaran Akademi Arkipel 2017

Tahun 2017 adalah awal bagi ARKIPEL untuk mewujudkan usaha perluasan fungsi festival sebagai institusi pendidikan sinema: Akademi ARKIPEL. Sebagai bagian dari upaya mewujudkan cita-cita itu, ARKIPEL menyelenggarakan lokakarya bagi para partisipan terpilih yang akan bertemu dengan para pemateri [...]

ARKIPEL: social/kapital Prize Winners

ARKIPEL Award is given to Zone Zero (2015) by Farzad Moloudi from Belgium. Jury Award is given to Trêve (2016) by Myriam El Hajj from Lebanon. Peransi Award is given to Kodachrome (2013) by the K-14 Collective from Belgium. Forum Lenteng Award is given to A Lullaby to the Sorrowful Mystery (or [...]

After Nation: A Memoria Passionis in Cinema

Indeed when I watched this film I did get the impression of memoria passionis or collective memory about the suffering. The nation building process of Philippines in the era of Spanish colonialism was related closely to the stories happened after the death of Jose Rizal as a martyr of the [...]

On “A Trial by Cinema” Screening Program

With 442 minutes in total, Hitler: A Film from Germany was one of the longest films that Kineforum ever screened. Directed by Hans-Jurgen Syberber, this film was produced in Western German, England, and French in 1977; and in Indonesia this year through ARKIPEL, and became part of curatorial [...]

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